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“There’s a lot of people painting traditional stuff and, you know, I just want to paint the kind of stuff that I would like to see. It’s cool, but I want to twist it up a little.”

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Watch Buddy’s father, Baje, create this unique design that connects to Buddy’s life.

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The next generation of Native Artists will find new opportunity through the Buddy Foundation.

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Continuing the commitment that Buddy and his father Baje had to encourage young Native artists to develop their skills we are proud to announce the creation of the HOZHO Academy which will co-host workshops with the Museum of Northern Arizona.  For information on the academy and how to apply

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Baje Whitethorne Sr. Honored with Spirit of the Heard Award

PHOENIX, ARIZ. - On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, Baje Whitethorne Sr. was recognized with the Spirit of the Heard award at this years’ Phoenix Indian Center’s Arizona American Indian Excellence in Leadership Awards dinner.

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All of the Foundation Mentors contribute original works of art for sale in the Buddy Store to support the Foundation endeavors.