Mike Finney

Mike served as President and principal owner of AZ Communications Group providing marketing and media relations services to Native and non-Native businesses, communities, and organizations throughout the state of Arizona. Mike and a partner built and operated the Grand Hotel and Canyon Star restaurant in Tusayan, the gateway community to the Grand Canyon South Rim. Mike directed marketing for tourism promotion for the Navajo Nation, he created the concept and implemented the Hopi Arts Trail, and serves as an advisor to the Moenkopi Developers Corporation. He previously served as interim CEO to the Moenkopi Developers Corporation where he developed the business plan, and directed all marketing for the Moenkopi Legacy Inn – the largest economic development ever on Hopi tribal land that has created employment and opportunity for tribal members. He served as Vice President on the Executive Board of the Hopi Education Endowment Fund – HEEF. Mike has had the opportunity to work with Baje on several projects including development of the Buddy Foundation. Mike knew and respected Buddy and is honored to serve on the Buddy Foundation Board.