Patti Whitethorne

Priscilla “Patti” Whitethorne has a notable and prestigious career as a healthcare administrator that spans several decades. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Northern Arizona University in May of 1983, and later her master’s degree in Education in December of 1989. In December of 1993, Patti received her second master’s degree in Health Services Administration from Central Michigan University.

Since then, Patti has worked all over the state of Arizona, serving first as a health center director, then as a chief operating officer, acting area director, and chief executive officer. She presently works as a health care administrator for the Kayenta Health Center. Patti has received many awards for her work in the healthcare industry including the Tucson Area Director’s Award for Excellence in 2006, Health Services CEO of the Year Award in February 2009, the Direct Services Tribes CEO Award in August 2011 and most recently, the 2015 Tucson Area Director’s Award for Excellence.

Patti is also an accomplished bead worker and was one of 23 artists interviewed for the book Navajo Beadwork: Architectures of Light by Ellen K. Moore. She is known for her beaded hatbands and belts. She is the mother of the late Bahe Whitethorne Jr. and co-founder of the Buddy Whitethorne Foundation.