Dan Yazzie, Jr.

Dan Yazzie, Jr.

Wood Sculptor

Since 1990, Dan has devoted himself totally to his work as an artisan focusing on contemporary Dine’ fold art carvings. His work with wood began from another angle. He harvested and prepared cottonwood root for Hopi carvers on the Third Mesa, and soon started to carve and became independent.

“I owe a lot of the credit to my family and friends who believed in my abilities to become a carver.”

With a very strong family bond, Dan has turned to Dine’ heritage for inspiration and allowed his own special humor to saturate is work. This unique quality of the art shows the stances as powerful personalities capturing the essence and beauty of the people.

“The dolls are as I see them, through my eyes of who the Dine’ are, wrapped in their colorful blankets, hair wrapped to show patience, teaching, strength, and wisdom.”

The medium is strong and light, showing a unique quality only found in the Southwest. The colors blend, and are soft and transparent. Also adding to the pieces are the folds and cuts sanded to a silky smoothness.

Dan has won numerous awards from across the country. Currently Dan resides and works out of his isolated studio in Rocky Ridge, Arizona on the border of the Navajo & Hopi reservation; leaves only to attend art shows in different parts of the country.