Randall J. Wilson

Randall J. Wilson

Painter, Printer, Muralist

I am of the Diné Nation and was born in 1964. My maternal clan is Tsenijikini (Honeycombed Rock People) and my paternal clan is Todichiinii (Bitter Water Clan). My maternal grandparents are Bitahnii (Folded Arms People) and my paternal grandparents are Naakaii Diné’e (Mexican Clan).

I was raised in Flagstaff, AZ. and then later moved to the Navajo Reservation to a place called Bittersprings (Tsidiitooh).

I have been creating works of art since the age of six. I specialize in portraits and murals which have become a recent passion of mine. I enjoy the large images and unlimited ideas that can be utilized to bring stisfaction to the viewer.

Realism is reflected in my choice of meduims of Acrylics, Colored pencils, Watercolors and Graphite pencils. I try to capture the true essence of of the person I am creating by paying attention to the eyes and facial expressions.

I have created a mural for the Immuniation Room of the new North Country Health Center on Fourth Street, Flagstaff, AZ. The theme is of animals in their environment.The environments are the jungle of South America, Grasslands of Africa, and the continent of Norther America. It is my debut in Flagstaff as a Muralist.

A mural at Leupp, AZ is located at the Leupp Public School Hogan which is utilized as a Cultural Center. The mural is a depiction of the Navajo Creation Stories which is created on all eight walls of the Female Hogan. In addition to creating this mural, I did lectures on the stories for the students of the Leupp community.

Thank you for all of your support. Randall