Tim Washburn

Tim Washburn


Tim Washburn, Born of the Salt and Mexican Clan. Considers himself a quiet and humble sculptor. He sculpts the tradtional Navajo people as we were then and now with beauty, pride and dignity.The facial detail on the subject are critial. He loves to sculpt warriors,because his wife loves warriors, because of thier leadership, pride and strength. Mothers, children and grandparents are favorites too.

Life has been a challenged for his family. Hard work and being a man of your word, were teachings,that are taught by great parents. Spirituality is also taught twenty four hours a day,seven days a week, Remembering times around the age of six or seven, my father taught me to arise early before sunrise and take a bath in the snow, face the east, say the morning prayer with corn pollen. That would help my mind stay in tune with nature and spirit and the physical body as strong as a solid stone. No wonder,I am working in stone.

Thanks to those teachings and examples, because thats what keeps me motivated in continuing to sculpturing. Lifting the human spirit in stone, bronze and wood.


Email: tiwashburn@infoway.org

Indigenous Scuplture Society: www.IndigenousSculptorsSociety.org